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Free Terminal Program by Metro Bancard

Check Guarantee

Metro Bancard offers a complete line of ACH, check guarantee and check verification services.

Paper checks are still the preferred method of payment for some consumers. As a merchant you must be capable of accepting checks at the point of sale terminal. Whatever your check services needs are, Metro Bancard has your solution.

Don’t let bounced checks negatively impact your financial situation

It is now possible to collect money from your check paying customers in one banking day. Gone forever are waiting days for a check to arrive, manually processing check payments and waiting for the check to clear. Improve your cash flow today.

Check Guarantee service is a simple process at the point of sale. The sales clerk simply enters the customer's information into the point of sale terminal or cash register. In less than four seconds the system authorizes the check from its database of millions of records, accessing both local and national negative files of unpaid checks.

Eliminates the cost of collection and dishonored checks fees.

Check services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Check Conversion

Convert paper checks into electronic transactions at the point of sale with Electronic Check Conversion Services from Metro Bancard. With this new service, you can continue offering your customers the option of paying by check while you dramatically reduce the risk and costs associated with this payment type.

Electronic Check Conversion converts paper checks into safe, efficient electronic checks. By submitting checks through the same system that you use to authorize credit card transactions, you can significantly lower processing costs and improve cash flow.

Fast Access to Funds: Checks are automatically converted to electronic transactions - which are settled with the same speed and ease of credit card transactions.

Reduced Cost: Eliminates the time, labor and paperwork associated with paper checks. There's no need to fill out a daily deposit slip or drive to the bank for daily deposits.

Minimized Risk: Authorization and guarantee services will reduce the risk of returned checks.

Internet Solutions by Metro Bancard
Internet Solutions by Metro Bancard

A great way for companies to boost sales is by offering custom branded store gift cards. Customers deposit varying amounts of money at your store to a gift card and then usually give these gift cards to someone else as a gift. These gift cards are already widely accepted as gift options and as ways to receive store credit. Many businesses think that branded gift cards are only for large chain stores and in the past this was true. However things are changing, with Metro Bancard any size business is now able to offer similar gift cards to their customers.

Reasons to Offer Gift Cards:

  • Expand Your Customer Base- When a gift card is given the recipient may not be a familiar with your store or brand. Because of this gift card they will be browsing your inventory and learning more about your company for the first time as they shop. As these people become familiar with your company there is a good chance they will become a customer in the future.

  • Reduce costs- If you need to refund money to a customer you can give them a store credit instead of a refund. You will give them this credit on a store gift card as this reduces lost sales and the expensive processing fees of returning money to a customer's credit card.

  • Free Advertising- When your branded gift card is continuously seen in your customer's purse or wallet it will keep your company fresh in their mind. This free marketing encourages them to visit your store to make a purchase and use their gift card. Some small business run promotions where they send out $5 and $10 gift cards to be used in their store or restaurants.

  • Increased Sales- Once a customer buys a gift card for a friend or relative that sale is already locked in for you company. Often people will buy gift cards when they have a difficult time deciding what to buy for a gift. These gift cards are beneficial year round however around the holiday season they can really provide a boost for your companies bottom line.

Metro Bancard provides you a complete system to help you get started offering gift cards. First we will produce your cards with a style that is familiar to your brand; we will provide you with database management and transaction processing training using the equipment. If you need training or any customer service we are there for you 24/7. There are many ways we can help you with your gift card promotions affordably and without any hidden costs, to learn more you should contact us today!

MOTO Solutions by Metro Bancard
MOTO Solutions by Metro Bancard

From time to time every business could use some quick cash to boost sales and take advantage of business opportunities. Metro Bancard has a solution that can help to get quick cash for your business when you are in a bind. Our merchant cash advance program allows you to borrow against your future credit card sales and receive up to $800,000+. This merchant cash advance program can be the perfect option when traditional business loans might not be an option.

Whether you want to launch a new campaign for your website, buy more inventory, buy out a partner, pay of debt etc.; this merchant cash advance may be the perfect thing for your business. Our creative financing has several benefits:

  • No liens or collateral
  • No Personal Guarantee
  • No points or application fees
  • No Closing Costs
  • Tax deductible
  • Approved and funded within 10 business days
  • A small withdrawal from your daily credit card sales pays off the balance

Contact us today for a free quote and business evaluation. By filling a simple application you can be pre-approved within 24 hours.

Get the working capital you need to boost your business now!

Free Terminal Program by Metro Bancard
Free Terminal Program

The Metro Bancard virtual terminal is perfect for businesses that need added mobility and convenience. Our terminal is ideal for any business where credit card orders are accepted over the phone, by email or fax. Once you receive the customers order and billing information you can process the credit card manually, even when you are away from the office. With the Metro Bancard virtual terminal, we provide a convenient web based keypad interface that you can use to process your customer sales. There is no software to install or complicated setup involved.

Online Terminal Benefits

  • Reporting capabilities that issue detailed reports
  • Address Verification Service for fraud protection (AVS)
  • Recurring billing
  • Print Receipts for you and your customer

Excellent for

  • Conventions or tradeshows
  • Mail order companies
  • Telephone operator based sales
  • Insurance companies
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Utility companies
  • Service businesses

When you combine our deeply discounted interchange pass through rates and our virtual terminal you will have all of the needed tools to reduce costs and process your transactions with your customer's convenience in mind. To learn more about our virtual terminal software and any details related to our service contact us today.

MOTO Solutions by Metro Bancard

MOTO Solutions by Metro Bancard

MOTO Solutions by Metro Bancard

Metro Bancard has a program that can help you earn money every time someone withdraws cash from an ATM machine located on your premises. When you provide an ATM machine you will create an extra source of income every month. An ATM machine for your clients will create an additional reason for customers to visit your store, this in turn allows for more potential sales.

Studies have shown that a well placed ATM machine can help to increase profits and foot traffic. Metro Bancard can place an ATM at your site or assist you with upgrading to a newer model ATM machine that is full of useful and income generating features. Many highly trafficked spots are perfect for ATM machine placement.

Common ATM Locations

  • Gas Station and Convenience Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Casinos
  • Bars and Nightclubs
  • Restaurants
  • Movie Theaters
  • Sports Arenas
  • Convention Centers
  • Amusement Parks
  • Any downtown area with heavy foot traffic

If you feel that your business has a need for an ATM machine contact Metro Bancard today!