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Credit Card Terminals by Metro Bancard
Credit Card Terminals by Metro Bancard

Metro Bancard offers a full line of credit card terminals so you can stay ahead of the competition. No matter what your billing needs are we have a solution ready for your business. From online virtual terminals, standard countertop terminals, wireless terminals, and restaurant POS systems, Metro Bancard takes pride in offering the latest technology.

All of our terminals arrive:

1. Programmed with your merchant information
2. Programmed to your specific business needs
3. Tested before it leaves our Customer Service Center

If you currently own your own terminal, in most cases we will be able to reprogram it at no additional charge.

Metro Bancard supports the majority of EMV point of sale terminals in the marketplace today and we continually communicate with manufacturers to ensure that we stay current.

Metro Bancard supports the following manufacturers:

First Data
Android and iPhone Applications

PIN Pads by Metro Bancard
PIN Pads by Metro Bancard

By adding a PIN Pad to your existing credit card machine, you can save money by cutting your processing fees. Your PIN Pad will allow your customers to enter their security PIN numbers at the point of sale, making the transaction faster and more secure. Less risk means less cost to you. If you are unsure which type of PIN Pad you need for your business, call today for a free consultation.

Metro Bancard supports the following manufacturers:


Check Readers by Metro Bancard
Check Readers by Metro Bancard

MagTek Mini MICR is a compact, fast and highly accurate check reader designed to reduce check fraud, transaction time and data entry errors at the point of sale. Mini MICR is incredibly versatile by reading both E13B and CMC7 MICR fonts, and by offering connectivity to nearly every point of sale terminal and cash register on the market. Also, the Mini MICR reads the complete MICR line on the check and can output the date in a format required by the check processing platform. An optional 3 track MSR is available, were needed. The Mini MICR interfaces include USB, RS232 and PC Keyboard Wedge. Other interfaces and technologies are available by

Check readers read the complete MICR line and transit the date in the check processor's required format. Check readers also reduce check fraud, transaction errors and data entry errors at the point-of-sale.

Metro Bancard offers the following check reader brands:


PC Solutions by Metro Bancard
PC Solutions by Metro Bancard

The Metro Bancard virtual terminal is perfect for businesses that need added mobility and convenience. Our terminal is ideal for any business where credit card orders are accepted over the phone, by email or fax. Once you receive the customers order and billing information you can process the credit card manually, even when you are away from the office. With the Metro Bancard virtual terminal, we provide a convenient web based keypad interface that you can use to process your customer sales. There is no software to install or complicated setup involved.

Online Terminal Benefits

  • Reporting capabilities that issue detailed reports
  • Address Verification Service for fraud protection (AVS)
  • Recurring billing
  • Print Receipts for you and your customer

Excellent for

  • Conventions or tradeshows
  • Mail order companies
  • Telephone operator based sales
  • Insurance companies
  • Newspapers and Magazines
  • Utility companies
  • Service businesses

When you combine our deeply discounted interchange pass through rates and our virtual terminal you will have all of the needed tools to reduce costs and process your transactions with your customer's convenience in mind. To learn more about our virtual terminal software and any details related to our service contact us today.

Empty Holder by Metro Bancard
Empty Holder by Metro Bancard